An Argument for Ornamental Horticulture

 An Argument for Ornamental HorticultureRecently I was ranting to my Dad about how the world seemed to be going to hell fast and how I felt anxious and impatient -like I should be “out there doing something big that really makes a difference” like negotiating global climate treaties in Durban.  He surprised me by saying, “people will always need beauty – it’s the glue that holds humanity together” and he’s right, because otherwise ‘Mad Max’ here we come.  Yet sometimes it’s hard to see how small changes can make a difference – that thinking globally and acting locally is enough.  But persevere we must – one backyard at a time.  So while we are doing our best to reduce our carbon footprints, support our local food systems and economies, protect wilderness, and teach our children hope, compassion, and the importance of getting our hands dirty – we’ll also create beauty within our landscape.  We’ll create colorful, sustainable landscapes that include spaces that encourage our neighbors to relax, connect with each other and see the natural world in a different light.  We’ll build authentic experiences outside.